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Question:Who all are eligible to apply for guest house?
Answer:One has to be an employee/retired staff of CSIR with a valid employee/pensioner ID to apply for CSIR-IMMT guest house.
Question:I am a student from a CSIR lab. Can I apply?
Answer:Yes. PA/JRF/SRF/PhD scholars can apply through their respective supervisor/PL/HOD/mentor/reporting officer who holds a valid CSIR employee ID and an institutional email ID.
Question:What is the Check-in and Check-out time?
Answer:Check-in and Check-out time is 12:00Noon. Early check-in and late check-out will be charged as a separate day (irrespective of the availability of the rooms before/after)
Question:I am a guest, who will settle the bill?
Answer:It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly mention in the online application as who will settle the bill ("Guest"/"Applicant") in the space provided. In case of "IMMT A/C" necessary approvals from the C.A. are to be submitted/emailed to the email IDs provided below at the time of booking by citing the booking number.
Question:Can I know the rooms availability?
Answer:No. Rooms availability cannot be checked by telephonic/email inquiry.
Question:What is the nature of a booking?
Answer:a. The booking is per head/per bed basis and will be provisionally confirmed based on the availability.
b. Each guest's name should be entered in the application (including children)
c. Each guest will be charged based on his/her category for the number of days stayed.
d. The rooms will also be allotted on a shared basis based on the availability.
e. The management at its own discretion can allot, change, cancel or provide alternate accommodation as it may deem fit.
Question:Can I cancel my provisionally confirmed booking? If yes, what should I do?
Answer:Yes, an email has to be sent (with the booking request number) from the applicant's registered email ID (given at the time of application) to, requesting for cancellation.
Question:Can I change the dates of an already provisionally confirmed booking?
Answer:No, A fresh application should be applied online. The previous application should be cancelled by sending an email (with the booking request number) to, Based on the availability, a decision will be taken and intimated.
Question:Can I extend (prefix or suffix) a provisionally confirmed booking?
Answer:No. A fresh application should be applied online for the dates for which extension is sought.
Question:Can I ask for room preferences?
Answer:Yes, it can be mentioned in the "Remarks" column available in the application. However, the management at its own discretion may take a decision based on the availability and the prevailing situation.
Question:I am a participant in a conference/workshop/seminar/meeting at CSIR-IMMT can I book the guest house?
Answer:Please contact the convener/organizer of the conference/workshop/seminar/meeting for the arrangements.
Question:One of the guests on the provisionally confirmed booking will not be coming. What should I do?
Answer:The applicant/the guest should intimate the same during check-in so that the person will not be billed.
Question:When a guest visits for an official purpose for IMMT/CSIR work, accompanied by a non-official person (spouse/children/parents/siblings/friends), what are the rates?
Answer:For CSIR staff (Rs.50): As per the accompanied person's category, Dependent (Rs.50); Non-dep (Rs.100); Other family members/friends (Rs.300)
For Non CSIR guest (Rs.1000): Uniformly Rs.300 for spouse/children/parents/sibling
For further queries related to online guest house booking :

Mr. Bijan Kumar Pradhan, Senior Secretatriat Assistant

Mr. Oj Kandulna, Section Officer - In-charge Guesthouse

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Guesthouse Reception - 0674-237 9418